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Spyfu vs Semrush

Are you a Digital Marketer or a company looking to rank your website on the top page of google by using SEO? Keyword research and Competitor analysis are the initial stages of SEO, and you need the best SEO tools to perform this action

You may have heard about the two known SEO tools SpyFu and Semrush, and you may be confused to choose the best between these two tools.

As a digital marketer by profession, I have years of experience using both Spyfu vs Semrush tools, and I have found some differences in both tools. In this article, I will put all my research work and explain the key features, pricing, functionalities, pros and cons of both tools, which will help you to choose the best tools as per your needs or business requirements.

until the last of this article, I assure you that you will make the perfect decision by own and choose the ideal tools between Semrush and Spyfu as per your requirements.

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Suppose you are in a hurry and don’t have much time to read the complete article about the comparison between Spyfu vs Semrush. Then I suggest you choose the Semrush tools over Spyfu because Semrush has more features than Spyfu.

Some of the features that are not available on Semrush tools are that it

If you are not satisfied with my suggestions and want to check out the full detailed comparison between Spyfu vs Semrush in the below section, carefully

Spyfu vs Semrush : Basic introduction


Oleg Shchegolev founded Semrush in 2008, and in 21 years of its journey, it has helped more than 7 Million marketers worldwide to achieve their digital success. Semrush has won more than 14 awards as the best SEO software in the market, and 30% of top 500 fortune companies are still using Semrush.

The headquarters of Semrush is in Boston, but it has six more offices in Trevose, Dallas, Prague, St. Petersburg, Warsaw, and Limassol, where more than 900+ employees serve you better.

Semrush has a giant database of more than 808 Million domain profiles and over 20 billion keywords of 142 geo-locations. It is helping all types of businesses get a measurable result from online marketing with SEO, advertising, content, PR, and social media marketing.


Mike Roberts founded Spyfu back in 2006, and in 15 years, it has built its database of 100 Million domains and more than 6 billion keywords. Spyfu helps you do the competitor analysis to find the SEO and PPC strategies of your competitors.

The headquarter of Spyfu is in Scottsdale, AZ, and it has around 100 employees who are always available to serve you better.

Features of Spyfu vs Semrush

Until now, we have seen the basic introduction and history of both Spyfu vs Semrush tools, and now we will check out the full features of both tools so that it will be easy for you to choose the best tools as per your requirements.

First, we will check the details and features of Semrush; then, we will move onto the Spyfu tool

Features of Semrush

Keyword Research

If you are landed on this article, then I am pretty sure that you are aware of the importance of finding the best keyword for your website. To find the best suitable keyword and boost the website traffic by conquering the SERP’s you can use the Keyword research tools of Semrush

In the keyword research tool of Semrush, you can discover the organic and advertising value of any of the keyword-based on search volume, keyword difficulty, CPC, competition level, SERP Features, variations, and more because it has the biggest keyword database in the market.

In the Keyword Research section of Semrush, you will find the four subcategories i.e. Keyword Overview, Keyword Magic Tool, Keyword Manager & Position tracking.

Now we will look into all the subcategories of Keyword Research

Keyword Overview

In the Keyword Overview section of Keyword Research of Semrush, you will get the key metrics of any keyword, which help you decide which keyword to target on the website while doing SEO or paid ads.

When you type the single or import the bulk keyword, you can get the keyword search volume data at the global and local levels along with the keyword difficulty and number of SERP results to size up the competition.

You can also find the same search intent and related keyword in the keyword variation and related keyword section and explore the questions people may ask about the product and services related to your keyword.

Keyword plays an essential role in SEO and PPC, but when you check Keyword overview sections as a PPC term of view, more sections are available, i.e., SERP Analysis, Trends, and PLA copies.

In SERP Analysis, you can check the different types of ads that run on your keyword, which you can check as an example before creating your ads. From this section, you can also spy on your shopping ads competitor and adjust your bidding strategy.

Using the Trends option, you can check the keyword search volume of the whole year and reveal the time of audience interest. If you are running the Paid campaign and doing SEO, then it helps you to adjust your bidding strategy or plan your content in such a way so that you can get more traffic at less to spend.

Keyword Magic Tool

In the Keyword Magic tools, you can filter out the best keyword by Keyword type, languages, difficulties & CPC.

You can filter out the best keyword by Keyword type, language, difficulties & CPC in the Keyword Magic tools.

The keyword magic tools automatically generate the groups of the related keyword from which you can pick a keyword and analyze the search volume and competition of each group.

After customizing the keyword list using advanced filters, you can export them into other Semrush tools in the file type of XLS / CSV.

Keyword Manager

After finding all the keyword from Keyword Research, Keyword Magic and Keyword Gap tools you can use the keyword manager to analyze the metrics of up to 1000 keywords at once which help you to create the master list of your keyword which help you in building the digital strategy of SEO or Paid Campaign to fulfill your goal.

Position Tracking

As per the name, it is clear that you can track and monitor the position and ranking of your own or your competitor’s keyword or domain daily. If your own or your competitor domain ranks on SERP’s then you can easily find out which keyword does the website triggers.

Position tracking also helps you discover the real competitors in organic search. You can get the list of all the domain ranks for your targeted keyword sorted by visibility level.

Daily checking and monitoring all your competitor is time-consuming and ineffective, so there is also a feature by which you can create a trigger and get an alert when there is a critical position change that requires immediate action.

Competitive Research

With the help of competitive research, you can explore every aspect of your competitor’s online presence by analyzing their website traffic, SEO efforts, PPC advertising, content, and social media presence. While making your online marketing strategy, you can check your competitor strategy to find out what they are missing and make that point your strength.

While doing the Competitive Research, you have to check the, i.e. Domain Overview, Traffic Analytics, Organic Research, Keyword Gap, and Backlink Gap of your competitor. For doing all these, there is a separate section available in Semrush, which we will discuss in detail.

Domain Overview

In the Domain overview section of competitive research, you can complete the analysis and get the full overview of a domain and its online presence. You can easily find out that from which channel, i.e. organic or paid, the website is getting the most traffic.

You can easily compare up to five domains in one report to find out the number and quality of search traffic, paid traffic, and the number of backlinks.

Growth reports and countries comparisons are also available in the Domain overview section.

In a growth report, you can find the domain trends data in one place and evaluate the domain progress of organic traffic, paid traffic, or backlink in certain intervals of time

And in the countries comparison section, you can compare the organic and paid traffic of the domain in a specific country.

Traffic Analytics

With the help of traffic analytics, you can easily find out the platform, location, volume and type of audience of your competitor website

You can easily compare any of your competitor website traffic and find the numbers of total visitors, uniques visitors and user engagement metrics along with the desktop vs. mobile traffic ratio. You also have the option to dive in and find the number of direct, referral, search, social and paid traffic on a country basis to find the top competitor in your niche.

In the audience overlap section, you will get the graphical representation of the unique and shared audience and the list of the website visited by your competitor website visitor.

The traffic journey section provides you the historical data of any website by which you can find out the digital strategies and expenses used by your competitor on organic or non-organic promo. It also helps you find the social network, seo efforts, and best performing digital marketing channel used by your competitor that drives the most traffic. You can easily identify your competitor’s business connection, affiliate ad backlink providers, which can help you in your business.

Traffic Geo Distribution helps you to determine the region and top countries where your competitors are active and trying to broaden their presence. You can also observe the user behavior of different countries, which helps you to build your online marketing strategies.

Using the bulk traffic analyzer, you can quickly analyze and check the website stats of up to 200 competitor websites in bulk and export all of the data in .csv or .xls file format.

Organic Research

In organic research, you can explore any of your competitor domains and find the top-performing keyword which can help you to increase the traffic on your website. Organic research will also help you find the new organic competitor of your website by providing you the visual representation and the list of the top 100 domains with which you are competing to get the top position in SERPs.

You can analyze the keyword ranking history and advanced filters to find the best keyword by position, CPC, traffic, SERP features of the specific time interval.

With the help of Organic Research, you uncover your competitor’s seo strategies and keywords which help you conquer the top ranking in SERPs.

Keyword Gap

In the keyword gap widget of Semrush, you can compare your website with four websites of your competitors to find out the best unique, untapped keyword from each website in which you can work to boost your website traffic.

You can also spot the SEO gaps and find new ranking opportunities by finding your competitor’s organic, paid and PLA keyword.

After finding the missing and weak keywords with the high search volume of your competitors, you can download the master list of your keyword with graphical representation in the format of. XLS or. CSV.

Backlink Gap

By using the Backlink Gap analysis tool of Semrush, you can deeply analyze or discover the referring domain and backlink profile of your five competitors’ domains in a time to find the backlink building opportunities and list of the domain to target while doing the link building for your website.

On Page & Tech SEO

It will help you check the site’s health and analyze its presence on different search engines. You will also get fresh content ideas to boost your website ranking and drive more traffic to the website.

SEO Content template

You have to enter the keyword on which you want to target on your website; then, this tool will analyze the top 10 pages ranking on this keyword and recommend the content structure and tips on how to create seo friendly content for that keyword.

Log File Analyzer

Log File is a file automatically created in your website’s logs or access_log folder when the Google search engine crawls your website. This file stores all the information and 100% accurate data to understand what happened when a search engine crawls your website.

You can save your time and get accurate data by using the Log File Analyzer tools of Semrush by just uploading the log file in these tools.

The log file analyzer tool will decrypt your file and provide you the result in a table or graph. You can analyze the whole crawling process and find the technical, structural and navigational issues in your website. You can also find all the files and their type with which google Bots interacted to understand your crawling budget better.

Local SEO

Local SEO helps you to Manage reviews, Increase Visibility and attract new customers from your locale. To improve your business presence in your locale, you can find the Listing Management Tools.

Listing Management

Listing management is the best tool for filling your business info and distributing your business info automatically to the high authoritative directory website. This tool is available for local listing management in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Australia.

You can manage and edit all of the info like you can add logos, photos and videos on all directory websites from the Semrush tool dashboard.

If you have already created the listing on any directory website where Semrush tool will place your business then you can identify and suppress duplicates of data to maximize your business visibility in just one click.

You can also organize and update your GMB Profile or Facebook listing and analyze the trend of your business position in Google maps or see how your business rank in a particular country or at the local level.

The Review Management tool is also available to respond to all of your GMP and FB reviews directly from semrush and receive the user suggestion for changing information if it is incorrect and approve or disapprove directly.

In a Semrush word Listing Management is a single tool to control your Local SEO by distributing and editing different listing and reviews from a single dashboard.

Content Marketing

With the help of Content Marketing tools in Semrush, you can find the idea and create the best content strategy based on your audience niche.

Topic Research

Using the Topic Research tool, you can find the content idea and discover the new topics to create the winning content for your audience. You can find the trending, relevant and popular content topic of the specific location.

You can do the topic research by either entering the topic or by entering the URL of your competitor. By entering the URL, you can do the content gap analysis of competitors.

You can find the best engaging headline, popular questions and related topics based on the number of backlinks and social engagement for creating the best content which resonates with your target audience.

SEO Writing Assistant

With the help of SEO Writing Assistant, you can optimize your content for user intent and search engines. If you use this tool, you will get a notification if there is a readability issue in your content or get the SEO recommendation to use the right amount of keywords by taking care of alt attributes and broken links.

You can also optimize your content title and maintain the tone of voice in each content. After writing the article, you can use the inbuilt plagiarism checker tool to check the originality of your content.

Brand monitoring

Finding the brand mention online is a very time-consuming and boring task, but by using the Brand Monitoring tools of Semrush, you can find your own or your competitor’s brand reputation, brand mentions and track or analyze the mentioning resource authority.

You can also evaluate the effectiveness of PR of Marketing efforts by measuring the estimated reach or identifying the top mentioning resource, or track the referral traffic from mention.

Brand Monitoring tools also help you to discover link-building opportunities. When you find the brand mentioned on the top-level domain without a backlink, you can contact them to provide the backlink to your website.

Post Tracking

Using this tool, you can measure the performance, social engagement, backlink, referral traffic, reach and keyword ranking of any post on a daily basis.

Post Tracking also lets you add up to 5 keywords per article to see whether and how high your posts rank for these in Google’s top 100.

Content Audit

It audits all the content of your website and provides you the information about the pages and post that are not performing well on search engine and recommend you update, merge, and remove the content from your website.

You can analyze upto 20,000 pages of a website once and connect your google analytics and search console with the semrush database to find the pages and content that need your immediate action by looking at traffic, backlink, and social share bounce rate, date of update and more.

Along with the Keyword Research, Competitive Analysis, Local SEO, and Content Marketing Feature, Semrush has a Feature of Social Media Management, Agency Solution, Marketing analysis, and more, which help you establish your brand presence Internet.

Features if SpyFu

SEO Research

Using all the tools of SEO Research in Spyfu, you can make the perfect strategy to beat your SEO Competitors and get the top ranking in Google SERPs, which helps you get more traffic organically in your blogs.

SEO Competitor Analysis

In this tool of Spyfu, you can find the list of the top competitor of your website based on the Keyword and Niche you are targeting. You can measure your competitor’s website traffic and clicks, and it reduces your workload to find the best keyword and content that can get traffic like your competitor.

SEO Keyword Research

After finding the competitor of your website, you can steal their SEO Strategy and Keywords along with their Ranking, CPC, Difficulties, Monthly searches, and estimated clicks to find the new ideas for creating content.

After doing the Keyword research, you can filter the keyword from your competitor’s website to find the relevant keyword on which you can work to increase your website traffic.

Competitor Backlink

Competitor Backlink tools help you analyze your competitor backlink and find the opportunity to create the backlink from top domains website where competitors are getting the backlinks. The niche-oriented keyword-specific backlink helps you to rank on the top pages of the Google search engine.

Domain Comparison

You can make your domain comparison with the three domains of your competitor to find out the similar keyword on which all of the websites are ranking. You can also find the low competition keyword on which you are not ranking, but your competitor is ranking.

Rank Tracker

You can track any of your website or your competitor’s website keywords, backlinks, and ranking and get the alert when a sudden change needs your attention.

PPC Research

Using the different tools of PPC Research of Spyfu, you can find your PPC Competitor or the best Keyword for running ads that provide conversion.

Google Ad Competitor

Suppose you are planning to run Google Ads. In that case, you can use Google Ad Competitor tools to find out your top competitors, and you can dive deep into them by finding their winning ads, ad copy, keyword group and more which helps you to manage your budget and get your winning ads to copy in no time.

PPC Keyword Research

You can analyze your PPC Competitor to find out the best-performing keywords and their estimated budget, which help you plan your PPC Marketing strategy. You can also find the ad copy used in every ad group of your competitor ads and see how their ads copies are evolved over time.

PPC Keyword Suggestion

Using the PPC keyword Suggestion tool, you can get instant advice on the best keyword on which you can bid. It will suggest the missing keyword based on your competitor’s successes, and this suggestion will boost your ROI for sure.

You can switch your competitors and apply the filters of different levels to find niche-oriented focused keywords. If you don’t have the competitor list, you can also add some keywords to get the best suggestion for running the PPC Ads.

Google Ads Templates

There are hundreds of premade Google Ads Templates available in SpyFu do all types of business and the different groups of winning keywords, ad group, ad copies, and more.

You have to download the template as per your business requirements, import that template into your Google Adword account, and set a budget to run your ads on Google.

Ad History

SpyFu has a giant database, and when you search here with your competitor’s domain, you will see the preview of all the ads they have run in the past 9 Years. Then you can filter the top ads is related to your keyword, and after deleting the non-performing keyword from the ads, you will get the list of best ads run by your competitor.

Extra Features

Along with SEO Research, Keyword Research and PPC Research, SpyFu has some extra features to help you in your website digital journey. Some of the Features are:

SEO & PPC Reports

You can generate the domains’ custom SEO & PPC Report to deeper analyze the domain strength and opportunities against its SEO or Google Ads Competitors. The customized report can link rank to value and show the graphical representation of all the work that you have done in the past to improve your ranking or running PPC Ads.

The SEO report shows you the overall organic presence and the performance of the domain on the particular keyword. In PPC Report, you will get the list of the best performing and weak performing keywords along with the recommendation of keywords and detailed strategic advice for your campaign.

Keyword Rank Checker

In the Keyword Rank Checker tool, you will check the present or past rank of any keyword of a particular website or find out the top-ranking website of any keyword.

You can also track or compare the multiple domains, blogs or product page ranking in one go, and reviewing its past performance helps you learn the strength you have to follow and weaknesses or mistakes you have to avoid.

SERP Checker

It is seen that every page and website that ranks on a particular keyword leaves plenty of clues by which they dominate that keyword search result. Using the SERP Checker and doing the deep analysis, you can find the ranking factors and exact content that rank on the particular keyword of any website. You can also find the currently running ads and a list of powerful websites with multiple results on that keyword.

Domain Overview

By using the Domain Overview tool, you can find the online strength and weaknesses of any domain. you can also track their ranking keywords, content history, SEO & PPC Strength

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