A cover letter is a summary of your resume where you have mentioned your present and future objectives. If you are a Graphic Designer and you are applying or placing a bid for a project on any freelance website like Upwork, Freelancer, PPH, and others, you have to write the best Graphic Design Cover Letter because it is the first thing that your employer sees even before visiting your profile.

I have seen the problems of the beginner graphic designer in the social media and forum about writing the graphic design cover letter. Most graphic designers are not good content writers, so they do not write the best cover letter to attract their employer to them, which results in losing their projects.

In this article, I will share the best tips to write the best cover letter by which you can get noticed by your employer, and I will also share some templates and examples of the cover letter which will help you a lot.

Points to consider while writing Graphic Design Cover Letter

Cover Letter somehow relates to your profession, so you don’t just have to type the words to fill; you have to make it meaningful, and it should sound professional, not like a conversation. While writing a cover letter, you have to be in a quiet place and stay focused.

Now let’s check checkout the point which you have to consider while writing a cover letter

Short & Simple

Make your cover letter short and simple because the recruiter agent may lose interest if you submit 2 -3 pages of the cover letter. In the cover letter, you should be descriptive and informative about your intention to work for the company. Consider making your cover letter not more than one page.

Structure & Designing

For the professional structure, you can divide your cover letter into three-paragraph where you have to discuss yourself, educational background, professional experience, interest, and more.

For designing, you can use the premade template for the cover letter on Canva.com and if possible use the graphical representation to showcase your skill to your recruiter. Graphical Representation attracts recruiters on certain points.

Personal Information

In this section, many candidates can write their whole biography along with their family history. You have to avoid that and write a simple short paragraph about yourself, your achievements, interest, and hobbies.

Contact Details

Make sure to put all of your proper contact information, social media, and address in the header or footer of your cover later so later your recruiter agent can not get any trouble finding your contact info to connect with you.


Provide the proper and accurate details of your education qualification along with the name of the institution and your marks. If you have also done some of the certification courses then also mention that course in this column. You can make a separate paragraph or table to write all of your educational qualifications.

Skill and Qualities

If you have worked on any company or on a freelance project then mention that in your graphic design cover letter with all the details of the expertise in tools that you used like adobe illustrator, photoshop, and also mention the work that you performed in a particular company or project.

If you are a Fresher and do not have any experience of designing work then you can mention it directly on your cover letter with the knowledge of the tools that you can use.

Avoid Gramatical Error

Before saving or Printing your cover letter, make sure that there is no spelling or grammatical error. Even if you are qualified and experienced for the job but have a poorly written, non-organized cover letter, you may miss the chance to get hired.


In the last paragraph of a cover letter, you can use the word of gratitude, which means you are thanking your employer for reading the whole cover letter until the end. In the last line, you can use the call to action line as a strong statement that shows your recruiter that you agree to come for the interview.

Common Mistakes To Avoid While Writing Cover Letter

In the above section, I have discussed all the points by which you can write the best graphic design cover letter but now I am sharing some points of the common mistakes that you have to avoid while writing the cover letter.

Career Objective

In the Career Objective section of your cover letter always address the job you are applying for which means how you can help the company by doing the particular job do not mention how that job position will help you in your life.

Blank Space

You have to make a one page cover letter so donot leave the blank space on your cover letter or use the repeated word to fill the cover letter. Cover letter shold be well paragraphed and it only contain the informative details required for job.

Cover Letter Templates

There of hundreds of premade and designed graphic design cover letter templates are available on internet but i recommend you to use the simple word document template not the template which are rich in graphic or design.

Fonts and Size

Always use the clean and professional font like Ariel or Times New Roman of the size of pt. These font is easy to read and also looks professional.

Don’t Act Like Beggar

Use the words or line in your cover letter so that it will show your positive attitude for the job position you are applying for. Donot use the word like please or act like a desparate for the job.


You can use the photograph in your Resumme but avoid using the photograph in graphic design cover letter until or unless you have told to do so. Avoid pinning or stapling the photo in your cover letter you can use the gum to attach photograp to your cover letter


You can use the blue / black pen to put the singnature on the bottom corner of your cover letter